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Michael Jones McKean

Michael Jones McKean lectured last night at CU. He received his MFA from Alfred University in 2002. He has been granted fellowships and residencies at The Core Program at the Museum of Fine Arts, Houston, The Provincetown Fine Arts Work Center, The Bemis Center for Contemporary Arts and The Archie Bray Foundation. He's currently an Assistant Professor in the Sculpture and Extended Media Department at Virginia Commonwealth University in Richmond, Virginia.

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Death of a Propane Salesman...

Eric Zimmerman
Seth AlversonI'll be in a show called
Death of a Propane Salesman
Anxiety and the Texas Artist
October 30–December 13, 2009
with Seth Alverson, Michael Bise, Matthew Bourbon, Vernon Fisher, Lawrence Lee, Amy Revier, Ludwig Schwarz, Edward Setina, Kevin Todora, Terri Thornton, Jeff Zilm, and Eric Zimmerman
its the first show curated by Christina Rees since she took over as gallery director. Its a great title and line up of artists. I'll let you know more as it gets closer!

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Like Mike, if I could be like Mike...

I like Mike Smith. One of the nice things about teaching at UT was meeting him. Others seem to like him too... Here's a review from the NYTimes of his and Mike Kelley's latest collaborative venture.

"Michael Smith is a big baby. Well, not all the time. But when he gets into his droopy diapers and lacy bonnet, adds sunglasses and a pacifier, and totters around on his stumpy legs as Baby Ikki, he’s as riveting to watch as any real toddler, albeit larger, hairier and a bit scary. Mr. Smith, the multitalented performer, video maker and multimedia artist, has been doing this character for about 30 years, and it never gets old." READ MORE

Monday, September 21, 2009

My work, your casa: Los Angeles.

Love the description sent with these images: "as for your art work in our home, it is placed on top of a bookcase with other works of art.  the works in the photo include:  a wooden unit (an extra) from a floor installation by ann hamilton, a small sam fields painting, and a small mary mallman drawing/watercolor.  Also, there is a margaret griffith watercolor above the bookcase, two thrown cups by lissa's mother for our wedding ceremony in guatemala which are linked with a piece of mayan fabric, and two cups on a platter given as a gift from karen koblitz (the studio head of ceramics at usc.)  i am not sure which studio potter made those cups and platter.  they were made by one of karen's friends."

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Headed to see 2 old friends from the past... Mia's show opens tonight at Kara's gallery.
I curated Mia into a show many years back. It will be nice to see her and how her works evolved with her new life in Colorado. If your near Denver check it out at Vertigo Art Space.
Exhibition Dates: September 4- October 31, 2009
Opening Reception: Third Friday September 18 6-9pm, 2009
Closing Reception: October 16th, 6-9pm
Reviewed! READ HERE

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"Now that I’m by myself," she says, "I'm not by myself, which is good"

Go to: DiverseWorks Artspace
Go see: "Now that I’m by myself," she says, "I'm not by myself, which is good"
Curated by Rachel Cook
When: Sept. 11 – Oct. 24, 2009
Also: check out the Interview on Houston Art |
Why: because i like her.

Artist, curator and writer Rachel Cook returns to her old stomping ground at DiverseWorks with her first show in the main gallery, quite cryptically titled "Now that I'm by myself,”...

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Pipilotti Rist fix

"I'm not the girl who misses much"
Her videos and installations are playful and still complex. She uses the language of pop culture and music videos and her first feature film Pepperminta is about to be released this Fall. Click here for the trailer.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

favorite read at the moment: The Unknown Hipster

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Things that make you go hum...

Andrea Mastrovito for christian dior
My student eli passed this "similar but different moment" on to me and now to you.

Monday, September 7, 2009

Eric Zimmerman on Daily Serving!

Noah's writing for Daily serving and our favorite Austin Artist Eric Zimmerman is 1st man up...
Eric Zimmerman uses drawing, sculpture and the archive to explore the legacies of utopian concepts of architecture and geography. His most recent graphite drawings included in Texas Draws I - a recent exhibition at the Southwest School of Art and Craft - are large indexes of visual information that include Thomas Jefferson, butterfly specimens, and an atomic bomb crater in the New Mexico desert. These exquisitely crafted images are combined with oblique abstract constructions and texts like, "REMEMBER THAT NOWHERE CAN BE HERE," taken from a letter from Roberto Matta to Gordon Matta-Clark. The result is a collage of information that serves as an atlas for his interests, making reconfigured source material the work itself. Taking this idea further into the realm of archive as art, Zimmerman created The Historian and The Astronomer V, a book featuring re-photographed photos, texts, and documents combined with an audio program and video on an iPod. READ MORE...

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Falling in love again...

The semester has started and I am in Boulder teaching 2 beginning clay classes at CU. My love/hate relationship with the medium has given way to love, a quiet love... but strong and true. Started an experiment with each class. A blog format to share ideas and research. Check them out, see what my students are up to, and learn about contemporary clay:
Throwing it out
This Ain't no Hand Jive

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'Beyond Glory': The Good Fight...

Related link to yesterday's post:
Published: October 2, 2005

BOXING is the most pitiless of sports, as it can be the most dazzling, theatrical and emblematic. Where race and nationalism are involved, as in the famous Joe Louis-Max Schmeling heavyweight fights of 1936 and 1938, two of the most widely publicized boxing matches in history, the emblematic aspect of the sport can assume epic proportions. When the second fight, of June 1938, pitting the 24-year-old American Negro titleholder, Louis, against the 32-year-old Schmeling, the Nazis' star athlete, was fought at Yankee Stadium, the contest was as much between the United States and Nazi Germany as between two superbly skilled athletes. There were almost 70,000 spectators and an estimated 100 million radio listeners throughout the world: "the largest audience in history for anything." READ MORE.

Friday, September 4, 2009

" Boxing has become America's tragic theater."- Joyce Carol Oates

New book so excited to read, Joyce Carol Oates: ON BOXING
Thanks Christina for the heads up on this book.
Here is the Dust-Jacket excerpt:

Some of our greatest writers—Jack London, Ernest Hemingway, Norman Mailer, to name a few—have written some of their finest prose on the rich and endlessly fascinating subject of boxing. Now, this distinguished company is joined by one of our most popular and respected novelists, Joyce Carol Oates.

A longtime aficionado of the sweet science, Oates first became interested in boxing as a child, as an offshoot of her father's interest. (He took her to Golden Gloves matches, subscribed to The Ring magazine, etc.) She has now focused her thoughts and feelings about boxing in an eloquent, erudite, and illuminating essay which examines boxing from every conceivable aspect: boxing as metaphor, spectacle, dance; the history, lore, and allure of boxing; the question of whether boxing should be banned; boxing in literature and film; women and boxing.

ON BOXING is also, in part, a feminist document: an attempt to "understand" the mystique of masculinity by looking at this most quintessentially masculine of contact sports; an examination, from the outside, of the male-dominated culture of our time. "In the brightly lit ring, man is in extremis," writes Oates, "performing an atavistic rite or agon for the mysterious solace of those who can participate only vicariously in such drama: the drama of life in the flesh. Boxing has become America's tragic theater."

This exquisite study from the pen of an extraordinary writer ranges from the metaphysical musings on Time and Death to small, informative details like this one: "A well-aimed punch with a heavyweight's full weight behind it can have the equivalent force of ten thousand pounds."

With the text complemented by John Ranard's poetic and evocative boxing photographs, ON BOXING makes for a unique and stunning reading experience.

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