Sunday, January 30, 2011

Paper Moon source material

Moonstruck images NYTimes, particularly Vita Kurland.

Vintage paper moon photographs found in the It’s Only A Paper Moon flickr group.

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Darren Watterson

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Call and Response a collaborative work

CALL AND RESPONSE part of Beasts and Bunnies opening at the MAC in Dallas Saturday.

CALL AND RESPONSE is a collaborative investigation of time and its accumulated effects. Like the surrealist game Exquisite Corpse, it started with an action and continued with subsequent reactions. First proposed by Frances Bagley; Altman, Bagley, Eberle and Meehan collaborated layering the different personalities within their work as well as the formal sensibilities of each artist until they defined the gallery space. In short it was an experiment about experimentation.
The result is an investigation of crossed paths that uses an extremely minimal stage-like setting – cinematic or theatrical in its scope. It brings to mind the setting of Lars Von Treir’s Dogville, the loneliness of the play A Glass Menagerie, the mood of a Grimm’s fairytale, or the allegory of an old Dutch still life. Call and Response creates a visual vocabulary of symbols that we can recognize but don’t necessarily or immediately understand. Filled with the wings of bats, butterflies and songbirds, it suggests a desire for flight. The need to move forward and continue on is seen in the motion of inanimate objects whose repetitive movements mimic the unending circle of life. The installation space suggests an open narrative layered with sounds, objects and shadows that hint at a life lived and how time goes on in our absence.