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Christian Dior Spring 2009 Couture

Manuel Felisi

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Rose Harland

In 1876 in New York City, Harry Hill's bar did a booming business with most of the patrons coming to see the boxing matches Hill regularly featured. Always looking for a good opportunity to bring in new customers, Hill occasionally put on matches between women, as well as men. At 5' 7" tall and 164 pounds, Rose Harland (a "variety dancer," by trade) was one of the first to step into the ring to square off with Nelly Saunders (herself a boxer's wife) for a prize of $200 and a silver butter dish. Both women were trained by male boxers, got into the ring wearing borrowed knickers or trunks, and clearly gave it everything they had, given the extent of their training. By the third and fourth rounds, however, they were slugging it out toe to toe, scoring twenty solid hits apiece in each round. The judge said the fight could have been called a draw, but that Saunders had outscored Harland overall by one point, so Harland only wound up with a consolation prize of $10 collected from the crowd. On the battlefield, on the mountaintop, in the boxing ring -- is there anything an in-your-face woman won't do? _____________________________________________________________________________ NOTE: While it's doubtful that Saunders checked her shiny nose in a mirror even before she climbed out of the ring, and if the fight outcome was decided by points, nobody got knocked out, the above illustration actually appeared in the Police Gazette after the fight. Since I couldn't locate a photo of Harland, I opted to post this instead to demonstrate how uncomfortable men are with the idea of in-your-face women. If the women must get in the ring and if they must duke it out successfully, the guys gotta make it look silly. Right? Whatever. Text and image via: In Your Face Women

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Circassian Girl

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Conduit Install shots are up!

If in the DFW area please swing by Conduit Gallery, if not Kevin Todora shot these fabulous install shots for you to enjoy!

Nina for your morning.

Feeling Good...
and Love me or Leave me.

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Photo shoot flashback

With Emma Whelan, and Amy Revier. 

Baz Luhrman's Great Gatsby!

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Vintage Inspiration

Betty Morton - 1920

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Zobeide Luti the Circassian Beauty

via: picture history
 Zobeide Luti wore low-cut dresses to enhance the stories of her "harem-life past." These young "Circassian beauties" were tall, with high teased hair (like an "Afro") and supposedly from the Caucasus region of western Asia, although Barnum hired local girls. According to legend Circassian beauties made the finest concubines, which is why Barnum turned them into a sideshow.
Date: 1870 circa 5 years Original Format: Glass Negative Print
Photographer: Mathew Brady

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Edison's Boxing Cats!

COS x Carsten Nicolai

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How come you dance so good Muhammad Ali?

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Tamy Ben-Tor

On view at Testsite in Austin, Texas till June 7th, 2012. Via: Zach Feuer Gallery.

A Brief History of John Baldessari

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minnie the moocher

via: Stefan Zintel

Satorialist prosthetic love

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Hystrionics and the Forgotten Arm- Dallas Texas

Photo credit: Rodney Rogers
 Opening weekend at Conduit Gallery in Dallas, Texas! Up through June 16th, if you missed the sound piece based on Nina Simone's "Please Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood" by Landon O'Brien and Mark Garcia please go back... it's great!

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Betty Blythe 1923

Paper moon

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