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Betty Davis

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“A wave of blood goes up to my head, my stomach shrinks together, as if something dangerous has just missed hitting me. It's as if I've been caught stealing, or telling a lie; or as if I've heard other people talking about me, saying bad things about me, behind my back. There's the same flush of shame, of guilt and terror, and of cold disgust with myself. But I don't know where these feelings have come from, what I've done.”  ― Margaret Atwood, Cat's Eye

Sleeping with the enemy- coco chanel

"Gabrielle Chanel — better known as Coco — was a wretched human being. Anti-Semitic, homophobic, social climbing, opportunistic, ridiculously snobbish and given to sins of phrase-making like “If blonde, use blue perfume,” she was addicted to morphine and actively collaborated with the Germans during the Nazi occupation of Paris. And yet, her clean, modern, kinetic designs, which brought a high-society look to low-regarded fabrics, revolutionized women’s fashion, and to this day have kept her name synonymous with the most glorious notions of French taste and élan."
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The Monster show

Illuminating the dark side of the American century, The Monster Show uncovers the surprising links between horror entertainment and the great social crises of our time, as well as horror's function as a pop analogue to surrealism and other artistic movements.

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Galileo's first drawing of the moon
Paul and Prosper Henry. The Moon as seen from the Paris Observatory, March 29, 1890.
the moon's phases
maria clara eimmart (1676-1707)

Jeffry Mitchell

'Basket with two Skeleton', 2013 Courtesy of the artist and Ambach & Rice Gallery

Soldier Boy

The Shirelles
More than 20% of women in the U.S. military have experienced unwanted sexual contact, a new Defense Department survey shows.

James Lee Byars, “Early Works and ‘The Angel’”

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1908 model of the bright side of the Moon